In the News

2014-08-26 - Ed Morrissey, PhD, IRM Scientific Director and Director of IRM Program in Lung Regeneration and Repair, recently published a paper in Cell, Repair and Regeneration of the Respiratory System: Complexity, Plasticity, and Mechanisms of Lung Stem Cell Function. For more click on title above.
2014-07-15 - Kenneth S. Zaret, PhD, a nationally recognized leader in the fields of developmental and stem cell biology, has been named the new director of the Penn Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM). Zaret, who was the IRM associate director, is also the co-director of the Epigenetics Program in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.
2014-06-19 - Research led by Ed Morrisey, PhD, professor of Medicine and Cell and Developmental Biology in the Perelman School of Medicine and scientific director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, has identified hundreds of these lncRNAs, sometimes called the “genomic dark matter,” that are expressed in developing and adult lungs. Their findings, described in and featured on the cover of the current issue of Genes and Development, reveal that many of these lncRNAs in the lung regulate gene expression by opening and closing the DNA scaffolding on neighboring genes.